A Gracious God – Welcome to Life! | Parashat Ha’azinu

Rabbi Mark Dov Shapiro, Rabbi Emeritus Sinai Temple, Springfield, Massachusetts Once upon a time – when I was in college – I had a friend who was the classic renegade. It was the late 1960’s and he was full of passionate disdain for the political leaders of the day and for the War in Vietnam. […]

One great day at a time | Parashat Vayelech

Rabbi Mark Dov Shapiro, Rabbi Emeritus Sinai Temple, Springfield, Massachusetts Here’s the amazing truth.  Wherever you are around the globe as you read these words and look at the moon, you will see what I see in New England.  A small crescent.  A while sliver.  It’s a “new moon” for all of us, but it’s […]

Nitzavim, Hitting the Mark | Parashat Nitzavim

Rabbi David A. Kunin, Jewish Community of Japan, Tokyo, Japan Sporting endevours are often more than just a metaphor for religion but are powerful in their own right.  For Americans and especially the Japanese, baseball has a power all its own, where the stadiums are cathedrals and the games religious rites.  Likewise, Sumo, with its […]

The Uniqueness of Listening in Silence | Parashat Ki Tavo

Rabbi James Bennett, Congregation Shaare Emeth, St. Louis, Missouri, USA From the moment I awaken, I emerge from silence into sound.  I am inundated by sound. We all are. The noise of our alarms, the whir of the fan in our air conditioner or heater, the buzz of the electricity in our lights, the water […]

A Core Jewish Value | Parashat Ki Tetze

Rabbi Linda Henry Goodman | Union Temple of Brooklyn, New York, USA The Book of Deuteronomy is, in effect, the “swan song” of Moses, as he stands with Joshua and the Israelites on the bank of the Jordan River.  As the Torah draws to a close, and along with it, our calendar year, we read […]

Trust God… and Yourself | Parashat Shoftim

Rabbi Menno ten Brink | Liberal jewish Congregation of Amsterdam, The Netherlands When reading Parashat Shoftim I am back in time. I find myself again at Leo Baeck College in London, where I studied some 30 years ago to become a rabbi. In the meantime, I find myself in my 26th year in the rabbinate […]

The Mitzvah of Gratitude | Parashat Ekev

Rabbi Neal I. Borovitz Parshat Ekev teaches us a transcendent lesson of Jewish living. Long before day-planners, computers and smart phones, with calendars and apps that reminder us constantly of what we are supposed to be doing, the Rabbinic interpretation of the Torah enabled Jews to schedule our lives, “by Jewish time” and thereby remind […]

Do We Ever Reach The Promised Land? | Parashat Va’etchanan

Rabbi Harry Rosenfeld| Congregation Albert, Albuquerque, New Mexico Va’etchanan begins with Moses’ lamenting to the people that because of his action of disobeying God at the Waters of Bitterness God punished him by not allowing him to enter the land of Canaan (see Parashat Chukat, Num. 20.) Moses would not see his efforts beginning in […]

Visions for Jerusalem | Parashat Devarim

Rabbi Dr. Ulrike Offenberg | Juedische Gemeinde Hameln, DEU Legend has it that Napoleon was once riding through Paris (others say: through Vilna) when he heard crying and lamenting voices from a synagogue he was passing. He had his entourage inquire what had happened and they brought back the message that the Jews were mourning about […]