WUPJ Center for Education and Leadership Development

Our staff is available for consultation. Our mission is to empower communities.


The Global Center for Education and Leadership Development of the WUPJ serves as a hub for Jewish education and leadership development for people all over the world in all stages of life.

It seeks out, connects, and supports educators, clergy, community professionals, and lay leaders who want to broaden their knowledge and take on new responsibilities in sustaining their communities, educational institutions, regions, and our global organization as well as serving as a platform for new initiatives and models of Jewish life. The Center operates through the lens of Progressive Jewish values, principles, and spiritual practice, both steeped in tradition and envisioning the future of Judaism in the world.

 The Center works in strategic alliances with other academic organizations and NGOs within and outside the Progressive Movement.

The Center is based in Jerusalem, the spiritual center of the Jewish people and the capital of Israel, the vibrant heart of Jewish culture and identity that both inspires and challenges. That being said, the WUPJ’s network spreads over all populated continents, endowing the Center with the ability to hold activities anywhere in the world.

Local Leadership Development Initiatives

The WUPJ offers support for the leadership development of WUPJ regions, communities, organizations and educational institutions. We define leadership in the widest sense and include all types of leadership – such as governance, education, youth, young adults, families, spiritual, music, activism, community, Israel and the environment. We are especially interested in innovative ideas and collaborative initiatives. Initiatives include an international component of physical or virtual facilitation by WUPJ leadership and staff. Programs can stands alone or be part of a larger program.

Any organization that is a constituent of the WUPJ may apply. Organizations can be but are not limited to the regional organization, affiliated congregations, day schools, Netzer and Tamar sniffim, rabbinic councils, etc. In general, the more collaborators in a program, the better.

We encourage you to contact WUPJ staff for consultation and to request an application.


Roundtable Discussions on WUPJ Core Values

At the Connections 2023 conference in Jerusalem, we presented seven core values propositions for the World Union for Progressive Judaism. We discussed these propositions in three sets of 20 roundtables facilitated by community leaders from around the world. We asked people what they thought about the text, suggestions to improve it, what kinds of initiatives they have led surrounding these values, the challenges in programming for these values and to brainstorm new ideas and collaborations. We collected the responses and are synthesizing them into a revised text and reports which are the basis for monthly values discussions.

We call on all Jews who identify with Reform/Progressive values to take part in these monthly discussions – to engage in intellectual discourse, to contribute to shaping Reform/Progressive Judaism, and to meet like-minded leaders from around the world.

View past presentations here.

Check out upcoming discussions here.


Shlichut Hub

Shlichut is best translated as emissary or mission. Leadership is a calling, and many of us feel called to the mission of serving communities across the world as part of our global family.

A successful Shlichut is the result of a good match made between the shaliach/shelicha and the community and the rabbi. A good match will consist of the following:

  • The shaliach/shelicha’s skills and character match the community’s needs.
  • The community’s style and environment match the shaliach/shelicha requirements or expressed needs.
  • The shaliach/shelicha and the community discuss their expectations in advance and set times for evaluation of the relationship throughout the
  • All parties share reliable and relevant information – open communication.


The WUPJ facilitates matching between shaliach/shelicha and community, preparation of shaliach/shelicha and community for the shlichut, ongoing support during the visit and evaluation of the experience.

Shlichut for Israelis

The WUPJ supports traditional shlichut opportunities in cooperation with the Jewish Agency and the WZO – youth movement, community, education and shin-shin (gap year age) programs sending Israelis to communities in the Diaspora.


Shlichut for Clergy

We work to match rabbis, cantors and other spiritual leaders to communities around the world. We generally match for three types of service:

  • Short-term visit for holidays such as the High Holidays and Pesach
  • Long-term visit for 3 months to a year (i.e. interim rabbi)
  • Long-term placement for 3 years or more with the possibility of permanent residence
  • Long-term placement of frequent visits (once a month, once every few months)




Beutel Seminar for Lay Leadership – May 2023

Participants experienced diverse best practices of Progressive Jewish leadership around the world and enlarged their leadership toolbox and global network in the context of Progressive Zionism and Israel’s complex reality. They explored different ideas and practices of  Jewish Living and developed a personal project or idea through mentoring and the cohort incubator.

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Bergman Seminar for Educators

In 2023, the WUPJ education staff worked with a region to pilot a regional seminar to facilitate an experience in the local language that is relevant to the local culture and in sync with the local school calendar.



For more information, please contact seminars@wupj.org.