[NETZER] Shnatties experience life on the Egyptian border in volunteering chapter of Netzer program | Jun 13




[YOUTH AND YOUNG ADULTS] Netzer Gathers Madrichimot From All Over the Globe for its First Ever Veida Online | Nov 1

[AUSTRALIA] Magical Machanetzer Wonderland Camp | Jul 27

[SOUTH AFRICA] Netzer South Africa Shnat Seminar – Kicking off the Shnat Year Locally! | Mar 17

[AUSTRALIA] Summer Camp Success in the Time of Corona | Mar 9

[ISRAEL] Passing the Torch of Young Adult Leadership from Mazkira to Mazkir+a in Netzer Olami | Mar 9




[UK] RSY-Netzer Launchs Online Platform and Reinvents Youth Engagement | Oct 28

Netzer FSU Sails the Summer Seas in Funfilled Online Summer Camp | Jun 11

[SÃO PAULO] Brazilian Netzer Snifim Host a Record Number of Participants in their Last Summer Camps | Feb 19

[EDITORIAL] Reflections on her First Months as Netzer Mazkira | Feb 17

[ISRAEL] Netzer Leadership Explores Past, Present and Future of Global Youth Movement at Veida | Feb 10




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