Bring your best | Parashat Tetzave

This week in Parshat Tetzaveh, Aaron and his sons are given instructions for kindling the Golden Menorah in the ancient Tabernacle. Hidden in the details, yet in plain view, is an important concept: bring your best for God.

The Holiness of Social Capital | Parashat Mishpatim

The idea of creating a holy society by caring for others is repeated several times in this Torah portion.  Each time reiterating the concept, that we are not supposed to ignore the suffering or hardship of our neighbors, instead we are instructed to help each other seeing the humanity in one another.  

Different Paths, Same Destination | Parashat Beshalach

When we think of the parting of the waters, quite often we are drawn to artistic versions or cinematic portrayals. We always see the waters split into two – a pillar of water on the left, and one on the right – with the Israelites marching between.  But Rabbi Eliezer imagined it differently

An Antidote to Fear | Parashat Bo

In the midst of the most frightening challenge that Moses has ever experienced, God is telling him, “I am right here. You think you are going to face Pharaoh, but instead, you’ll be coming toward Me the whole time.”