All Behavior is Communication | Balak

When my son was two and three-years-old, bedtimes were, shall we say, rough. Stories and cuddles were punctuated by wild running or jumping around the room. Getting into bed was a struggle, and once tucked in he would thrash around, unable to settle.

Personal and Professional Growth is a Lifetime Commitment | Chukat

Like the four new years of the Hebrew calendar, July 1 marks a significant moment in modern Jewish life. Our Torah portion, Chukat, comes to us just days after this point of transition and offers a timely reminder of what it means to be a leader in the Jewish community. 

Fix the World – Try Not to Get Swallowed | Korach

“The ground under them burst asunder, and the earth opened its mouth and swallowed them up with their households, all Korach’s people and all their possessions.” (Numbers 16:31-32) Rebellion sure does get a bad rap in the Torah.

Birkat Kohanim as a Call to Action | Naso

This week’s parsha, Naso, gets its name from the Hebrew root “to carry.” The text begins by outlining the responsibilities of the different Levitical families in transporting and maintaining the portable mishkan (portable sanctuary) through the wilderness.

The Gates of Hell | Bamidbar

Since May 24, our national attention in the United States has been trained on the latest mass shooting in Uvalde, TX. Wherever we may live, those of us on Facebook and similar social media sites most probably have seen a variety of lists that have made the rounds of these sites.

Hope and Purpose in a Troubled World | Bechukotai

What a trying period we are passing through! The COVID pandemic has sickened and killed millions ‘round the world, provoking isolation and fear in communities just when we need one another’s concern and encouragement the most.

Another Way of Seeing and Being | Emor

While this week’s Torah portion may engender only modest excitement, even for those who cherish biblical narrative, Emor has a special resonance for me.