The European region of the World Union, based in London, focuses particularly on the challenges of continental Europe where the increasing Jewish population now provides enormous potential for growth. Communities destroyed during the Nazi period are re-emerging and rebuilding themselves from both survivors who returned after the Second World War and immigrants from the Former Soviet Union, many of whom are settling in Germany where there are now 18 congregations and many education programs. Two rabbinical seminaries, in Germany and the Netherlands, are complementing the work of the Leo Baeck College-Centre for Jewish Education in the U.K in training rabbis for Europe.


The European Union for Progressive Judaism works to foster and stimulate the growth of Progressive Judaism throughout Europe because we believe that Progressive Judaism, with its combination of respect for Jewish tradition and openness to modernity, provides the blueprint for Jewish continuity in the 21st century.

The EUPJ is the umbrella organization linking and supporting more than 170 Liberal, Progressive and Reform communities in 17 countries, with new communities regularly seeking membership. Their continued growth across Europe is testament to the fact our approach unites Jews who want a non-fundamentalist, inclusive, egalitarian and modern interpretation of Judaism.


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