Parashat Pinchas

In life we do not always accomplish our dreams. We anticipate, for example, retirement hoping on leaving behind us a legacy; yet, often times that road to glory can be tricky. Unexpected results can alter those cherished hopes. How does Moses’ inward thinking about God’s announcement that he be forbidden to enter the Promised Land […]

The Price of Redemption: Crafting a Moving Ritual (Parashat Korach)

For the second time in my life, I witnessed a baby being redeemed from a life of service in the priesthood at the Temple in Jerusalem. The first, I was that baby. At this, my second Pidyon haBen, Raffi Shane Wolfe, the grandson of our WUPJ Chair Carole Sterling, was redeemed. As a staunch Liberal […]

To Lift Up and be Lifted Up (Parashat Naso)

The Hebrew word “Naso” means “to lift up” and with this word God commanded Moses and Aaron to “lift up” the Children of Israel by concluding the census. It is a curious idea at first glance, to “lift up” in order to take a census, but it makes sense.

Parashat Haazinu (Deuteronomy 32:2 – 32:52)

By: Rabbi Ferenc Raj, PhD Rabbi Emeritus of Congregation Beth El, Berkeley, CA, USA; Founding Rabbi, Congregation Bet Orim, Budapest, Hungary Jewish Memories “Our existence is not in vain. There is a Divine earnestness about our life. This is our dignity. To be invested with dignity means to represent something more than oneself. The gravest […]

Torah from Around the World #291

Recent Issues By Rabbi Paul (Shaul) R Feinberg, PhD, Associate Dean, Emeritus and Adjunct Associate Professor of Education, Emeritus, Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion , Jerusalem, Israel. “The last word has not been spoken, The last sentence has not been written The final verdict is not in It is never too late to change […]

Torah from around the world #134

by Rabbi Ann B. Folb, Arlington, VA Ha’azinu , “pay attention,” “give ear”, and so begins the Torah portion which is the last to be assigned for Shabbat morning during our liturgical year. We have come almost full circle in our readings. Chapters 33 and 34 are read on Simchat Torah morning. Moses has been […]

Torah from Around the World #345

Recent Issues By: Rabbi Bennett F. Miller, Anshe Emeth Memorial Temple , New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA Change is Certain; Don’t take surveys: and Don’t be dismayed! Ah! The parashah between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur! In the midst of the time of the year when we are considering “who will live and who will […]

Torah from Around the World #290

Recent Issues By Rabbi Gary A. Glickstein, Temple Beth Sholom , USA Will you sing about me when I’m gone The rapper Kendrick Lamar recorded a song he wrote with Marilyn and Alan Bergman and Quincy Jones. The words Lamar raps relate mostly to a world you and I only read about in the news […]

Torah from around the world #133

By Rabbi Y. Lindsey bat Joseph, Executive Director, Sol Mark Centre for Jewish Excellence Vayeilech is the shortest sidrah in the Torah. Covering just one chapter in Deuteronomy, in the annual reading cycle it is often paired with the preceding sidrah Nitzavim from which many Reform synagogues read on Yom Kippur morning. Vayeilech opens with […]