Run by: Ulpan Or
Dates: 17-27 August 2020
Times: (to be determined)
Registration: Through 10 August 2020 

Ulpan Or is an educational and cultural center for Hebrew language learning Israeli culture. From their two campuses located in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Ulpan Or also reaches hundreds of learners each day, around the world, through its innovative online programs and self-study kits. Ulpan Or utilizes a methodology for teaching Hebrew online called Rapid Language Acquisition (RLA) which brings the ancient language of Hebrew alive in a fun and welcoming environment.

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Learn Hebrew or improve your Hebrew language skills in this two week crash course run by Ulpan Or.


As a two-week program, this course requires commitment for attendance at all session.
In order to best suit your needs, each participant will have to take a short level quiz. Depending on registration, several levels can be opened.





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