How to Run a Youth Movement

Educator: Colin Bulka
Dates: 27-30 July 2020
Times: Monday-Thursday, 14:00 and 21:00 ISR time
(same session, twice each day, to accommodate Northern and Southern hemisphere time zones)
Registration: Through 19 July 2020 

Course Description:

If you are an excellent and experienced madrich/a or boger/et thinking about taking on a senior takfid (role/job) in the movement, this course is for you! Over four daily sessions, we’ll look at the key skills and approaches you will need to rise to the challenge of delegating, organising (oneself and others), running meetings, and overall leading others. Join interactive, dynamic and engaging sessions designed for lively discussions, dramatic role playing, and real-life case studies that explore how to be critical in your roles and cultivate insights for your professional and personal lives in any setting. 

About the Educator:

Colin Bulka grew up in (RSY) Netzer (years before it even was that) and has worked as an informal educator/youth and community worker, with Zionist youth movements in particular, for many years. He made Aliya in the 1990s and is based in Jerusalem. Colin has served as Director of Machon from 2007-13 and now works with Jewish community professionals in Europe. 






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