Can Israelis and Palestinians Live in Peace?

Educators: Ittay Flescher
Dates: 20-23 July 2020
Times: Monday-Thursday, 14:00 and 21:00 ISR time
(same session, twice each day, to accommodate Northern and Southern hemisphere time zones)
Registration: Through 16 July 2020 

Course Description:

Let’s take a dual narrative approach to exploring past, present, and potential future solutions to what has become known as, “The Israeli Palestinian Conflict”. Over four sessions we’ll discuss pivotal moments in history and explore how these events shaped our reality today. For anyone who always wanted to know more about the ethical and moral implications of what’s happening (and happened) in Israel to educate yourself or others, this course is for you! 

About the Educator:

Since graduating from Machon Machzor 100 over 20 years ago, Ittay Flescher has been facilitating both informal and formal education. As a Jewish History, Tanach, and Israel Studies teacher for a number of Jewish day schools, Ittay has developed and innovated countless curricula for exploring Jewish and Zionist identity. Ittay made Aliyah from Australia with his family in 2018 to pursue his dream of raising Hebrew-speaking children. He is currently the Education Director at Kids4Peace Jerusalem and the Jerusalem Correspondent with Plus61J Media. 





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