The Program

Shnat Ramah 2023 consists of two Maslulim: A Short Maslul and a Long Maslul, where in both we experience Israel through an immersive enriching program.

Together we will dig in and find out together who we are, what is our Jewish identity and how does it meet us in our day to day. We will focus on what it means to be truly part of a Kvutza (Group) and learn about Hagshama and Hadracha first-hand.

Shnat is built from chapters, the first in Kibbutz Ein Ha’shofet, there our Kvutza will begin building a community, partnerships and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Next, our Shnatties will join the Machon Le’Madrichei Chul. The Machon is an international Campus in Jerusalem. Machon is a combination of lessons and experiences that through them participants study about Israel and Judaism with their mind and feet.

Up next is Chalutziyut Chapter in Nitzana: an Educational Community in the Negev which has several programs, including a Bedouin high school and boarding school, a Montessori Elementary School, an animal sanctuary and an agriculture farm.

The group lives without a staff member and practices independent living while having weekly visits from the staff and Yom Tenuah once a week.

From Nitzana our Short Maslul heads back home and our Long Maslul continues to our fourth chapter: serving as madrichim in URJ Camps or European Netzer camps. This chapter is an opportunity to expand our relationships with fellow Progressive and Reform Judaism communities.

Back in Kibbutz Ein Ha’shofet we reconnect with the Kevutza. During this time, the group will reconnect to Israel through work on the Kibbutz, Yom Tenuah, and hiking in the area!

Last but not least, two months at Kibbutz Harduf as part of Project Ten of the Jewish Agency.

There, we will engage in agriculture work, green-studies, educational programs with children from the Arab and Jewish Israeli society.

At the end, we will hold our closing program to fully process and understand what Shnat was all about: Leadership, Kevutzah, Responsibility, knowing Israel’s diversities, Ethical Hadracha – all in the Spirit of Progressive Judaism, Tikkun Olam!

Please note: All Shnat Netzer activities are subject to change owing to restrictions and responses to Covid-19 by the Israeli Government and related program partner operators.

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