The Shnat Netzer Program

Shnat Ramah 2024 consists of two Maslulim: A Short Maslul and a Long Maslul, where in both we experience Israel through an immersive enriching program.

Together, we will embark on a journey of discovery and live new experiences. We will explore our Jewish identity and understand how it shapes our daily lives. A significant focus will be placed on truly being part of a Kvutza (group) and gaining firsthand knowledge about Hagshama and Hadracha.

Shnat is built from chapters, Kibbutz Seminar, Machon Le’Madrichei Chul, Nitzana, URJ Camps and Harduf- Project10.

Kibbutz experience (Only for Short Maslul) –Three weeks of experiencing Kibbutz life, learning Hebrew and volunteering on the kibbutz. During the fourth week, the Long Maslul will join the Short Maslul for a Kevutza (group) seminar in which they will all together begin building a community, forming significant relationships and friendships.

Open Seminar- Seminar Kvutzah –We will open the Shnat with a seminar Kvutzah before continuing to Machon. During this seminar, the Kvutzah will begin discussing what it means to be a Kvutsah, building a community, and forming lifelong friendships.

Machon Le’Madrichei Chul- The Machon is an international campus in Jerusalem. It includes a combination of lessons and experiences through which participants learn about Israel, Judaism, and a range of contemporary issues. Machon values hands-on learning so makes sure to include a number of trips and seminars within their programming. During Machon you will also have the opportunity to travel to “Masa Le Polin”- a trip to Poland to learn about Jewish history and the Holocaust.

Chalutziyut in Nitzana: Nitzana is an educational community in the Negev which has several programs aiming to support different segments of Israeli society, including: a Bedouin high school and boarding school; a Montessori Elementary School; an animal sanctuary; and an agricultural farm. On Nitzana, the group will get to know Israelis their own age while also having the opportunity to practice independent living- working as volunteers in the community, cooking their own food and working on projects for their Snifim (Netzer branches) as well as for the Tnua Olamit (World Movement).  Atthe end of the Nitzana chapter, there will be a Sikkum (Closing) Seminar for the Short Maslul.

URJ Camps: URJ Camps in the USA offer an incredible experience as madrichim (counselors). This chapter provides opportunities to expand your relationships with fellow Progressive and Reform Jewish communities and gain valuable experience in camps and practical hadracha (leadership) skills.

Project Ten – Harduf: As part of ProjectTenwith the Jewish Agency, you will spend two months at Kibbutz Harduf. This experience involves engaging in agricultural work and green studies while providing you with a deeper insight into Israeli society by volunteering with unique educational programs for children from both Israeli Arab and Jewish communities.

Sikkum (Closing) Seminar: At the end, we will hold our closing program to fully process and understand what Shnat was all about: Leadership, kvutzah, responsibility, understanding diversity, and ethical hadracha – all in the Spirit of Progressive Judaism, Reform Zionism and Tikkun Olam! This seminar will prepare you to take all that you learnt back to your movement and communities at home.

Shnat Netzer is affiliated with the World Union for Progressive Judaism (WUPJ), the global network of Reform and Progressive Jews, and MASA Israel Journey, a leading Israel organization supported by the Jewish Agency for Israel with the Israeli Government.

Please note: All Shnat Netzer activities are subject to change owing to restrictions and responses to Covid-19 by the Israeli Government and related program partner operators.

Masa Gap Year programs offer college-bound high school graduates a year of valuable life experience before college, with Israel providing the perfect environment for them to explore their interests, identity, and future steps. Through a combination of academic coursework, volunteering, traveling, and an immersive experience in Israeli society, Fellows return home with the life skills to make the most out of their college experience. Learn more about Masa here.