MachaNetzer Olami


Netzer Olami is a platform for Progressive and Reform Jewish young adults from around the world to share best practices in social action and Progressive Jewish values, educate and train for leadership roles, and connect with Israel. The 16 Netzer branches (snifim) are located in 15 different countries which does create a challenge to physically gathering and experiencing the impact of our snifim in the field. In light of our global reach, today’s pandemic can be seen as an opportunity to use online programming to shorten the distance between all of us and connect in new and more creative ways.
MachaNetzer Olami is an online hadracha training program that invites select participants from each Netzer branch to come together online for two weeks of online sessions, activities, and offline engagement. Participants will acquire stronger leadership skills, specifically relating to our global Progressive and Reform movement, as well as share ideas and resources for leading in our communities and snifim. MachaNetzer concludes with the pairing of participants with other branches to develop and lead educational activities for their camps – effectively becoming the first Netzer global Madrich/a swap!



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