Coronados de Gloria,
Hacer Politica para amar al projimo  (2016)

As the bicentennial anniversary of the declaration of Argentine independence, Rabbi Sergio Bergman suggests a celebration of the value of being independent, of being free under the law, fair in equity, and united in fraternity.


Un Evangelio segun Francisco
Maestro, lider y estadista (2013)

A reflection on a spiritual and municipal leader, teacher, and friend, Rabbi Bergman pens this book in honor of his friend and mentor, Priest Jorge Mario Bergoglio from Buenos Aires, upon being appointed Pope Francis in 2013.


Cabala, Un GPS para el alma  (2012)

Today, we face a new era, in which there is a need to bring spirituality back through a universal and wide approach, regardless of religious tradition. Free of all trivialization, with an accessible and direct language, Rabbi Sergio Bergman explains the practices through the idea of “Open Kabbalah”: a compilation of symbols, clues and practical exercises to help anyone find a way towards self knowledge and understanding.


Ser Humanos  (2011)

A human being, according to Rabbi Bergman, is a constant work in progress; a force that needs to be cultivated and developed spiritually, with patience and dedication. Although all living entities on this planet share an essential biological origin, the individuality, and unique ways of expressing humanity define our existence on this earth. Writing from his experience as a religious figure and spiritual leader, in Ser Humanos, Rabbi Sergio Bergman presents an action plan that aims to develop our human potential fully.


Celebrar la Diferencia,
Unidad en la Diversidad  (2009)

Celebrar La Diferencia, Unidad en la Diversidad presents a series of reflections regarding discrimination, incrimination, cultural diversity, human rights, indifference, civic brother/sisterhood, state policy and the construction of difference as the driving force of a community and a nation. This book is a call to action that invites us to subscribe to the masses of people who are looking to change systems of thought and action, to adhere to the utopia of the construction of a more spiritually evolved society. Celebrar la Diferencia offers the reader a social paradigm that roots from unity within diversity.


Argentina Ciudadana,
Con Textos Biblicos  (2008)

In his prologue, the (at the time) Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, now better known as Pope Francis, anticipates that the following text is a Biblical typological proposal that is meant to inspire citizen action and advocacy. Rabbi Bergman interprets the holy text in order to provide a sort of civic bible study based on his knowledge and understanding of the holy scripture. As a community leader, Bergman is able to provide an understanding of the Bible that aims to promote the social and civic commitment that is relevant to our time, giving a visionary, contemporary outlook on the meaning and interpretation of the holy book.


Manifiesto Civico Argentino, Virtudes Ciudadanas (2007)

Manifiesto Cívico Argentino is a declaration of civic and ethical values that must become concrete actions, both in what turns institutional pacts into the law of a society, but most importantly, a community. Based on his trajectory as a Rabbi, educator, and public figure, Bergman takes the core values that are stated in the prologue of the national constitution and develops a belief and action plan that possibly could end the hypocrisy between what is said and what is being done in the realm of politics instead of catering to the wellbeing of the people.


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