“As so many have already said, Dick Hirsch was a truly great man – both in his own time and for many generations to come. Dale and I were privileged to get to know Dick and to interact with him over our many years of involvement in the Reform Movement – the Movement that Rabbi Hirsch loved and helped to define. We knew from our very first meetings that Dick Hirsch was important and powerful – and yet he always had time to talk and listen and delve into the personal connections that we all have! As our commitment and love for the WUPJ continued to deepen, so did our respect, admiration and affection for Dick. He will be sorely missed.

I am not sure when we last spoke, but for some reason (!) I have saved a phone message from Dick from last November. It is not regarding any major WUPJ initiative, and yet it makes me smile to hear his strong, cogent caring voice. Undoubtedly, his strong, cogent caring vision will be with the World Union and all of us who had the honor of knowing.”

Lynn Magid Lazar

“Our loss is immense.

We will never know his like again.
Dick’s death takes away an extraordinary gadol ha-dor…
from his loving family – whom he adored,
from the worldwide Progressive Jewish community – to which he devoted all his heart, and all his soul, and all his might,
and from the Jewish people as a whole – that was blessed with his unswerving loyalty through every day of his life.”


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Rabbi Dr. Danny Schiff

“This last WUPJ Connections conference was bookended for me by phone calls by the sharp-as-a-tack Dick Hirsch. It is silly, amongst his many achievements, to list ‘attending an online conference’ and ‘figuring out how to navigate the Wonder Bar’ – but wrapped into the conversations on these very topics were lamentations around the anti-Zionism in our university students, talks of how to bolster our camping education, and a constant dedication to the Jewish people and – especially – to Israel.

He was persuasive, sharp, and his sense of humour shined bright. “Do not erect a monument for the righteous, their works are their memorials.” – Shekalim 7a”

Rabbi Jordan Helfman

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