Protesting for Democracy: Prof. Shikma Bressler in Conversation with WUPJ

The WUPJ continues to closely observe the concerning developments in Israel relating to the current government’s judicial overhaul efforts. We are proud that members of our congregations around the world and in Israel have taken an active role in the protest movement in support of Israeli democracy.

As part of our efforts to engage and inform our WUPJ community leaders as events unfold, we are offering a unique and timely briefing with Professor. Shikma Bressler, a particle physicist, is one of the foremost leaders of the protest movement in Israel. She speaks weekly at the main protest in Tel Aviv and is featured in international news publications for her activism. Prof. Bressler will update us on the current situation and how communities worldwide can amplify the pro-democracy message.

Prof. Bressler will be in conversation with WUPJ President, Rabbi Sergio Bergman.

September 20 | 10.15 PM Israel Time (IST) | 3.15 PM ET

Join the conversation using this link.

Additionally, we are attaching a letter written specifically to WUPJ leaders from leaders of the protest movement. We hope it serves as a reminder of the importance of our role in stepping off the sidelines and adding our voices to those of pro-democracy activists around the world.