Welcome, Elliot B. Karp!

We are delighted to have Elliot B. Karp join our team as Chief Development Officer for the World Union for Progressive Judaism. Elliot brings over 40 years of experience working with numerous Jewish organizations in leadership roles such as CEO of Hillels of Georgia, CEO of the Jewish Federation of Las Vegas, and Chief Development Officer for Onward Israel. His […]

We welcome and congratulate WUPJ’s new Chair, Phyllis Dorey

Phyllis Dorey, a longtime leader within the Progressive Jewish Movement in Australia and globally, was installed as WUPJ’s new chair. Dorey is the first Australian to serve as WUPJ chair, succeeding Carole Sterling of Canada, who has served since 2015.  “I commit myself to all of our partners and friends in the WUPJ to working together to […]

WUPJ Connections 2023 | Rabbi Sergio Bergman Keynote Address

President Rabbi Sergio Bergman committed the World Union for Progressive Judaism (WUPJ) to inclusivity, innovation and grassroots community leadership in his keynote speech at Connections 2023. Addressing more than 250 Progressive Jewish leaders attending from around the world, he described a vision of WUPJ as a connector that supports and empowers Progressive Jewish communities as […]

Wrapping up Connections 2023

Connections 2023, our WUPJ biennial in Jerusalem, is now over. But the connections made and renewed — all energizing and empowering our communities across the globe — will seed opportunity and growth for our Progressive Movement far into the future.    “It was a chance to dream together, to learn from each other, to celebrate […]

Netzer Olami has a new leadership

Last week, all of the snifim (branches) voted for the new Netzer Olami Hanhagah and we are super excited to announce that Beatriz Rubinsztain (Avanhandava – Brazil), Naomi Tamir (Netzer UPJ – Germany) and Vicky Richards (Netzer Australia) will all be a part of the Netzer Olami Hanhagah!

Deadline Approaching for Beutel Seminar Apps

The deadline to apply to the 2023 Beutel Seminar for Progressive Jewish Leadership has been extended for one week to February 17. If you aspire to grow and solidify your leadership within Progressive Judaism the Beutel Seminar will equip you with the skills, network, knowledge and perspective.

[NETZER] Shnat Netzer Olami Gap Year Begins in Israel

Young adults from South Africa, Australia, and the UK began their Shnat Netzer Olami gap year program — Shnat Ramah — in Israel in late January. Shnatties gathered for the opening program at Kibbutz Revivim in the Negev.