WUPJ Statement on Israeli Government Passage of “Reasonableness” Clause

The passage of legislation in the Knesset this week to effect judicial reform undercuts the independence of Israel’s judiciary and represents a grave threat to Israel’s democracy, its citizens, and the Jewish people worldwide.


The outcome of this divisive legislation threatens to remove protections for Israel’s minorities, endangers its status as a vibrant democracy, and empowers a radical legislative agenda with unchecked power. The historical parallels of this current legislation are inescapable, especially in the same week that we commemorate Tisha Ba’av and the tragedies that befell the Jewish people, including the destruction of the second temple, due to Sinat Chinam… baseless hatred.



We condemn the passage of this legislation and continued attempts to radically alter Israel’s democratic character. At the same time, we remain hopeful that Israel will find positive and constructive responses. Current events have awakened the activism of hundreds of thousands of Israelis and Jews worldwide from all backgrounds who have heroically and peacefully demonstrated for months to advance democracy in Israel and who remain resolute in this goal. 


The World Union of Progressive Judaism will continue to support efforts that help create an Israel that benefits all its inhabitants. When Israel acts as a light unto the nations as a vibrant democracy, both the people of Israel and Jews worldwide are more secure.


We pray for the unity of the Jewish people and the fulfillment of Israel’s democratic ideals.


Rabbi Sergio Bergman                                                                                                                   Phyllis Dorey OAM
WUPJ President                                                                                                                                           WUPJ Chair