We welcome and congratulate WUPJ’s new Chair, Phyllis Dorey

Phyllis Dorey, a longtime leader within the Progressive Jewish Movement in Australia and globally, was installed as WUPJ’s new chair. Dorey is the first Australian to serve as WUPJ chair, succeeding Carole Sterling of Canada, who has served since 2015. 

“I commit myself to all of our partners and friends in the WUPJ to working together to reaffirm our valued position in our Progressive world,” Dorey told Connections 23 delegates. “The World Union family is strong, vibrant and growing, and our desire to work together for the common good of our Progressive Movement is paramount.”

Dorey was elected by the WUPJ International Assembly and will serve a two-year term.

Serving with Dorey on the WUPJ Management Committee will be Steven Beck (Israel) as Senior Vice Chair, Andrew Keene (United States) as Vice Chair (Finance), Daniel Chinn (Israel) as Vice Chair, Pekka Sinervo (Canada) as Vice Chair, Dan Kirwin (Asia) as Vice Chair, L Tadd Schwab (United States) as Vice Chair, Sharene Hambur (Australia) as Secretary, Martin Jannol as General Counsel, and Carole Sterling as Immediate Past Chair.