Netzer Olami has a new leadership

Last week, all of the snifim (branches) voted for the new Netzer Olami Hanhagah and we are super excited to announce that Beatriz Rubinsztain (Avanhandava – Brazil), Naomi Tamir (Netzer UPJ – Germany) and Vicky Richards (Netzer Australia) will all be a part of the Netzer Olami Hanhagah!


“Shalom chaverim! I am Beatriz, from Avanhandava, Brazil, and I am glad to be the new Netzer Mazkira Olami and to bring South America even closer to the other sniffim! Very excited to work with all you guys and create amazing projects together.”




“Hi everyone, my name is Vicky and I’ve been part of Netzer for over 10 years. In my time as a bog, I helped change the movement to work under Covid, roshing 3 camps. I am passionate about promoting Zionism and creating active young Jewish leaders, so I was Shnat Rakazet to build upon our movement continuity. I’m a history and psychology student and my dream is to be a historian.״





״Hey, my name is Naomi Tamir and I’m from UpJ Netzer Germany. As the Rosh Kishurim of Natzer Olami my biggest challenge is to create a long lasting network of exchange, collaboration and cooperation between all Snifim. I’m also in charge of Netzers social media as well as organizing an Alyiah Nimshechet program for those Netzerniks who choose to become part of Israel’s progressive Jewish community.״


We want to congratulate them on this amazing opportunity and we cannot wait to see all of the amazing and wonderful things that they will do for the movement.
Rachael Sara Bootcov and Jason Bourne
Co-Mazkir-a (Chairpersons)