[ISRAEL] “Israel is for ALL the Jewish people.” Rabbi Sergio Bergman joins protests against Israel’s far-right coalition Government

Progressive Jews around the world, including WUPJ President Rabbi Sergio Bergman, came together this weekend to voice their opposition to Israel’s far-right coalition Government and its assault on the country’s legal system.

Demonstrations took place in more than 20 cities across the globe – including, Basel, Berlin, Haifa, Jerusalem, London, Los Angeles, Miami, Munich, New York, Paris, Rome, Sofia, Sydney, Tel Aviv, Toronto and Vancouver – spearheaded by Israeli citizens and ex-pats.

Rabbi Bergman was one of the 40,000 people protesting in Tel Aviv. He said: “The WUPJ and our members around the world have united to support our friends and partners in Israeli civil society.

“We are demonstrating in defense of an inclusive, pluralist democracy – faithful to the spirit of the declaration of the independence of Medinat Israel.

“Israel is for ALL the Jewish people. We must now all be united to defend Israel at this time from internal threats that seek to destroy democratic values and establish autocracy instead of democracy.”

The WUPJ has previously released a statement, which you can read here, highlighting that the dangers of the new Government, which includes members who freely express racist, homophobic and anti-democratic beliefs.

This year’s WUPJ Connections conference will examine the situation in Israel and how can we unite for change. Find out more about Connections here.