World Union seeks Lay Leader nominations

The World Union for Progressive Judaism is now inviting nominations for its next leadership cycle, and is seeking individuals who:

  • are passionate about building diverse, international Progressive Jewish communities.
  • are experienced in programming or synagogue life in a WUPJ region.
  • are interested and experienced in one of WUPJ’s key strategic areas, including education, youth, advocacy, and community development.
  • are excited about being part of a new phase of organizational life, and thinking boldly and creatively about the Jewish future.

Nominations are now open until 30 January for positions on both the Governing Board and the Leadership Council, for the next 3-year cycle.

The Governing Board, and Global Leadership Council are new leadership structures within the World Union for Progressive Judaism.

The Governing Board will be the fiduciary Board of WUPJ, comprised of 12 to 14 individuals from throughout the WUPJ regions, including 5 officers and other “at large” members.

The Leadership Council will be comprised of 30 to 60 individuals who will work with WUPJ professional staff as thought-generators; act as WUPJ ambassadors throughout the world; and be the pipeline for future leadership. Members will generally meet quarterly by Zoom, and will work in smaller teams and working groups on committees, initiatives and programs.

We invite nominations of individuals across the spectrum of ages, genders, Jewish backgrounds, and languages. You may nominate yourself or someone you believe would be a great fit for WUPJ.

Nomination packages should include a one-page summary outlining your professional and communal involvements, skills, and experience; and comments on why you or your nominee would like to be part of our leadership team.


Nominations close on 30 January 2023, and should be addressed to either James Cherney or Phyllis Dorey at


Know the Nominating Committee members:

• Eric Beswick (SAUPJ)
• Gusti Braverman (Israel)
• Becca Fetterman (UK)
• Raul Gottlieb (Latin America)
• Tamas Grof (Europe)
• Michael Laufer (North America)
• Miriam Olchansky (Argentina)