[STATEMENT] Global Reform Movement Leadership Statement Condemning Attacks on Israeli Reform Movement and Rabbi Gilad Kariv

We, the leadership of the global Reform Movement, vigorously condemn the most recent attacks on the Israeli Reform Movement and on Rabbi Gilad Kariv, a candidate in the upcoming Knesset elections. These attacks are yet another manifestation of on-going incitement and boycotts against our Movement by some Ultra-Orthodox and National Religious leaders in the Knesset. For decades, Ultra-Orthodox Knesset members have boycotted all Reform Movement representatives appearing at Knesset hearings and in its committees. Ultra-Orthodox MKs regularly incite against our Movement and in recent years have gone as far as to blame the Reform Movement for the Holocaust and have claimed our Movement is more dangerous than the Iranian nuclear threat.

This incitement is unacceptable in any democratic society and goes against the shared values Klal Israel (Jewish peoplehood) and Areivut Hadadit (solidarity). Attempts to silence and ignore us are failing. Despite this incitement, our voice and impact in the Knesset and in Israeli society continue to grow. As a non-partisan religious movement and NGO, the Israeli Reform Movement brings the prophetic values of our people to the Knesset at every opportunity. It represents a significant segment of Israeli society and gives voice to Jews from around the world on critical issues to our future as a people. In the next Knesset, as in those of the past, our Movement will continue to struggle for full recognition of Progressive Judaism in Israel and looks forward to open and honest dialogue with all parties in Israel’s parliament, while promoting justice and equality for all Israelis.



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