[SOUTH AFRICA] Congregation Helps Homeless Residents on Mandela Day

Photo: Temple Israel Hillbrow

Temple Israel Heritage Centre – under the leadership of Chair, Reeva Forman – together with 67 Blankets for Mandela Day, Outreach Foundation and the the Mercy Church – celebrated Mandela Day by handing out firstly blankets to over 30 homeless residents of Hillbrow, including adults and children.

From there together with 12 homeless residents of Hillbrow the group went the the Mercy Church, run by Pastor Didier, in Kensington, where further blankets, food parcels, and clothing were handed over to the more than 50 immigrants/refugees cared for by the Mercy Church.

Photo: Temple Israel Hillbrow

The experience was amazing where all could share the struggle experienced by both the homeless of Hillbrow and the immigrants/refugees. Many of the immigrants/refugees are highly qualified academics but due to “Red Tape” and “Finances” are unable to be employed.

The blankets most of which were crocheted by the residents of Sandringham Gardens were donated by Jevin Friedman of 67 Blankets for Mandela Day.

The Outreach Foundation, represented by Johan Robyn, kindly suppled transport to and from Kensington as well as soup for all.

There were many private donations of food, clothing and bedding.

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Author: Temple Israel Hillbrow