[SPAIN] New leadership development program

The Jewish Progressive Federation of Spain launched the leadership development program in Santiago de Compostela, on the 24th-26th of May, 2019. This is a half year program that will continue after the shabbaton with 10 on-line sessions and will be concluded with another shabbaton in Rota, in November.

14 leaders from the congregations around Spain and Portugal participated in Santiago shabbaton led by David Pollak and Rabbi Alona Lisitsa.

Congregational development, fundraising, Israel’s National Institutions, the role of the prayer leader [shaliah zibur] and accepting/confronting criticism were among the topics discussed. And of course Kabbalat Shabbat, oneg and Shaharit, minha, melaveh malka and havdala, led by Rabbi Alona and accompanied by David’s guitar and good humor.

Not only leaders, but Bnei Israel of Galicia and Bnei Sefarad of Valencia congregants came to Santiago to participate in the services and in the Torah portion study, to share prayer, music and even some dancing.

Many memorable moments were shared, limud Tora and a wonderful atmosphere.

Appreciation and many thanks to the European Union for Progressive Judaism (EUPJ), and Arzeinu, Yaron Shavit, Lea Mühlstein and David Pollak who help to make the shabbaton happen.







About the author:
Born in Russia, Rabbi Alona Lisitsa lives in Israel and 
she serves congregations across the Iberian Peninsula.