[FRANCE] Statement from MJLF and ULIF Copernic on Recent Spate of Antisemitic Vandalism in Paris

The MJLF and ULIF Copernic are appalled by the «Juden» graffiti, a deliberate choice of the worst Antisemitism reminiscent of the Third Reich, and an outrageous attack on the memory of Simone Veil (z”l) and Ilan Halimi (z”l).

Political leaders, union leaders, media and associations must clearly reject such acts without qualification.  Just as it is intolerable to see attacks on parliamentarians and journalists.

Antisemitic speech and hate speech of all kinds are spreading freely on social networks.   We cannot tolerate their expression, neither on social networks nor in the street:  zero tolerance must apply with all the rigor that implies.

When Jews, police, parliamentarians and journalists are targeted, our country must respond with authority to assert the values of the Republic and their strict application.

Our movement sees itself as part of the wider community and of the republic, each one of us accepting individual responsibility.  Today, this responsibility means to ask all our fellow citizens to say no. So that they can continue to live in freedom tomorrow.

No to this Antisemitism which is a scar on our Nation’s face.


Gad Weil, President of MJLF, Paris

Jean-François Bensahel, President of ULIF-Copernic, Paris