[HONG KONG] Welcoming Jews on the Frontiers at the Asian Progressive Jewish Summit

At the Asian Progressive Union Summit, Hong Kong 2018

Twenty representatives of six Asian Progressive communities met in Hong Kong in late January for the 2018 Asian Progressive Jewish Summit, and were joined by World Union leaders Carole Sterling, Chair, and Rabbi Daniel H. Freelander, President.

Delegates from Shanghai, Singapore, Myanmar, Bali, Tokyo and Hong Kong were joined by Rabbi Fred Morgan, Regional Rabbi of the Union of Progressive Judaism (Melbourne) and WUPJ international Board Chair, Carole Sterling (Toronto) and WUPJ President, Rabbi Daniel Freelander (New York/Jerusalem).  They made plans for the 4th Shabbaton retreat for post Bar Mitzvah youth from their congregations, and addressed opportunities for new Progressive communities in Korea, Indonesia, Cambodia and Thailand.

“Our work as the World Union is to figure out where Jews are likely to be in five and ten years, and get infrastructure into those places to ensure it’s growth,” noted Rabbi Freelander.