[FRANCE] Statement from the Assembly of Liberal Judaism (AJL) Regarding Attacks on Rabbi Delphine Horvilleur

Rabbi Delphine Horvilleur, Photo (c) Courtesy

The Assembly of Liberal Judaism (AJL) of France expresses its full solidarity with Rabbi Delphine Horvilleur in the face of attacks, insults and threats against her in social networks.

We denounce all the words of hatred and foolishness of these attacks, and ask the whole Religious or community leaders to act in a clear manner and to condemn without Of such actions and those who lead them. Who does not say word is complicit.

History has unfortunately taught us too well that what words can provoke.

Faced with a fragmented, conflict-torn world, we call to refuse the hatred that tramples and Betrays the ancestral values of Judaism.

We hope that this new calendar year will be a sign of unity but also of the Tolerance and pluralism that are the constituents of Judaism.


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