Netzer Olami

Netzer Olami is the worldwide youth movement of the World Union for Progressive Judaism. Today there are over 16,000 members active in our different sniffim (chapters) that are located in more than a dozen countries around the world.

What is Netzer Olami?

Netzer Olami is the Zionist youth movement of Progressive Jews throughout the World. It is the youth movement of the World Union for Progressive Judaism and of ARZENU, the Zionist arm of the worldwide Reform movement.

Netzer was set up in the early 1980s as the worldwide youth movement for the Progressive Jewish community. It didn’t take long for the movements around the world to affiliate with it, recognising the strength of identity that comes from being part of a youth movement. Now there are branches in Israel, Australia, the UK, South Africa, Panama, the Former Soviet Union (Russia, Ukraine and Belarus), Germany, Spain, North America, France and Netherlands. The offices of Netzer Olami are based in Jerusalem at Beit Shmuel, the headquarters of the World Union for Progressive Judaism.

Netzer Olami literally means “Worldwide Netzer.” Netzer is a Hebrew acronym for “Noar Tzioni Reformi” (Reform Zionist Youth)

To learn more, please visit the Netzer Olami website.