Our Chanukah celebration will be available on Templo Libertad’s YouTube channel. You will be able to access the prerecorded celebration any time after Sunday, December 18 | 8:00 PM Buenos Aires Time (6:00 PM EST).

To host your own watch party, follow these simple instructions:

First, select which platform you’d like to use. Two options we suggest are Zoom or Facebook. Then,

• To host the party by Zoom:

– set up your Zoom meeting and share your link by email with your guests;
– at the time of your watch party, open your Zoom meeting, open the YouTube link in your web browser, share your screen with your guests on Zoom, and press play.

• To host a watch party on Facebook:

– create an event and invite your friends;
– when it’s time for your watch party, go to the YouTube video, click on share and choose your Facebook as the linked streaming option, then select your event page;
– the gala video share link can also be copied and pasted into your event page feed to show live.

Send pics of your event with us at World Union – tag us on Facebook and on Instagram and let us know you’re watching and celebrating together across our Global Movement!


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