WUPJ Education Fund for the Future

All contributions from this event will support the WUPJ Education Fund for the Future which creates programs to engage every family member, at every age and stage of Progressive Jewish life.
The fund provides scholarships for individuals to attend camps, schools, and training programs- all focusing on deepening the knowledge and confidence needed to create a generation of extraordinary professional and volunteer leaders to transform our communities.
LEADERSHIP TRAINING | Honor the memory of Rabbi Richard G. Hirsch (z”l) by supporting leadership programs based in Jerusalem. Rabbi Hirsch believed passionately that vibrant communities require access to great leaders. Help us to continue Rabbi Hirsch’s legacy by inspiring Jewish educators and exceptional lay leaders.
[suggested donation $25,000]

RABBIS | Invest in our Jewish future by supporting Reform/Progressive rabbinical students around the world. These young leaders are the key to the success of our congregations and our movement.
[suggested donation $10,000]

YOUNG ADULTS | Support a post high school gap year with purpose. The World Union’s Shnat Program in Jerusalem shapes exceptional future leaders who return to their communities ready to inspire and mentor others.
[suggested donation $5,000]

OUR YOUNGEST MEMBERS | Engage the youngest members of our community through Jewish summer camping and youth programs. Change the life of a child and transform their entire family when you send a child to a WUPJ camp.
[suggested donation $1,000]


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