Our ten day seCenter for Leadership WUPJ Seminars 2018-19 Coverminars inspire hundreds of Jewish learners a year, infusing them with excitement and supplying them with the tools necessary to explore new paradigms of Judaism, to seek out new partnerships with Progressive Jewish communities, and to foster entrepreneurial approaches to Jewish learning and leadership.

These intensive seminars are designed for adults seeking a deep engagement with Jewish learning in the spiritual and historic center of our people. Groups study and explore both in Jerusalem and around Israel. Close attention is paid to developing practical Judaic learning skills as well as to examining spirituality and personal growth for the benefit of both the individual as well as the community.



Beutel Seminar for Progressive Jewish Leadership


The Beutel Seminar is a prestigious ten-day seminar in Jerusalem run by the Anita Saltz International Education Center. The seminar offers the opportunity to study ancient texts and history; discuss current political and social issues; explore spiritual pathways and concepts of Jewish leadership – all within a Progressive Jewish context. Participants must be recommended by their community (i.e., rabbi, Jewish professional and or local lay leader) for their dedication and commitment to their communities (past and future).

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Bergman Online Seminar for Progressive Jewish Education

Specially adapted for 2020, the Bergman Online Seminar for Progressive Jewish Education is a dynamic virtual classroom designed for Progressive and Reform professionals working in the field of Jewish Education from around the world to come together and engage with Israel in a way that brings Jewish texts, peoplehood, and Israeli closer than ever before.

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To try to put in words the motivation and emotion I brought back with me just isn’t possible. The program gave me the opportunity to analyse myself, my leadership qualities, my weaknesses and the love of my community. My love for Israel is greatly intensified. To sum up, a member of my community asked me if it had been a life changing experience. No hesitation, YES. You have changed my life and for that I am truly grateful. Thank you.

Sara Saunders
Leeds, England
Temple Sinai

The Seminar helped me find my place in the worldwide, progressive Jewish community, with a new understanding of the need for partnership between Reform Jews in the U.S., in Israel and throughout the world.  My whole sense of my “Jewish community” has changed, and I feel a new and deep kinship with people living on the other side of the world who celebrate Shabbat and are working together for tikkun olam in our Jewish communities, in the Jewish state, and in the world around us.

Jennifer Bersdale
Central Reform Congregation
Saint Louis, Missouri

To say thank you somehow seems inadequate to express the depth of appreciation that I and my congregants feel as we reflect back of the trip that you and your staff created for us.  The level of teaching was consistently excellent.  The level of care and concern for every detail was outstanding.  This trip, dedicated to an exploration of Zionism after 60 years of statehood, raised the bar significantly in terms of Israel travel and study within our congregation.  The people who were with me have not stopped talking about it and there is now a strong “buzz” in the congregation about more Israel travel – both those who have never been and need the “Israel 101” sightseeing trip and those who have been before and are now looking forward to “Israel 201” with the Saltz Center.  I know that this trip/program was not easy for you and your staff to create and implement and I want you to know that we very much appreciate all of your extra effort and hard work.  Our trip was an unmitigated success and I would recommend to all of my colleagues to work with you and the Saltz Center to create such extraordinary learning experiences.  Many, many thanks.

Rabbi Michael A. Weinberg
Temple Beth Israel
Skokie, IL

My motivation to attend this program in Israel was to better understand our organization, expand my contacts with professionals and leaders from Progressive Jewish communities from around the world and learn about and experience Judaism in Israel. I am pleased to let you all know that the outcome was far beyond my expectations.  

In the beginning we were 24 individuals from 14 different countries and very diverse backgrounds. By the conclusion of the seminar, we had become a family, united by the eagerness of transmitting our learning back to each community.

Miriam Vasserman
Congregação Israelita Paulista- CIP
São Paulo, Brazil