Beutel Seminar for Progressive Jewish Leadership



The Beutel Seminar for Progressive Jewish Leadership is for people who demonstrate long term leadership potential and who want to receive tools for improving leadership skills and innovative practices for community organizations. We will explore our Progressive Zionist values through the complexity of Israeli society and through coworking. Each participant will develop a personal project and a network for inter-regional cooperation.

In the program, the participants will:

• experience diverse best practices of Progressive Jewish leadership around the world;
• explore different ideas and practices of wholistic Jewish Living;
• strengthen their leadership skills and enlarge their tool box;
• strengthen their personal understanding of Israel and gain resources to bring Israel’s complexity home and be an advocate for engagement with Israel;
• connect with lay leaders from around the world and create a community of mutual support;
• develop a personal project or idea through mentoring and the cohort incubator.

By the end of the program the participants will:

• have a global network with which to advise and receive support;
• make at least one change in their work;
• feel proud to be a part of the WUPJ and their region and motivated to continue to take part in WUPJ and regional initiatives;
• lead at least one program/initiative on Israel in their community/region;
• advance in the application of the personal project;
• be able to state a personal leadership vision for their community/region/the WUPJ.

“I learned to be bold and take big steps, but don’t forget to network! I feel like I’m on the path to becoming an expert in building and mending relationships within my region. I have learned that I could use more help in focusing on more achievable goals and projects. I want to continue to expand my knowledge of global Progressive Jewry and community and continue to meet with likeminded people like this group.”

Lisa Hack, National Vice-Chair SA-UPJ, Johannesburg, South Africa


“The program was so well-organized and ran smoothly. I really enjoyed discussions about the situation in other parts of the world and hearing different points of view. Sometimes I was surprised how similar our problems are. That time was of enormous high value for me.”

Daniel Rux, Volunteer CEO, Ec Chaim Congregation, Prague, Czech Republic


“I got something from everyone on the program. They are all brilliant and I am so grateful to have spent time with them all.”

Gabrielle Newman, Cantorial Fellow, Temple Beth Tikva, California, USA


“I loved the guest speakers and the interactiveness.”

Elisheva Paravano, Founder of Tamar young adult chapter, Beth Hillel, Rome, Italy