Let’s Clear Our Voices for Passover

Passover is on the way. Time to put away the hametz and get set for the “yumminess” provided by matzah. It’s not good enough to just avoid purchasing leavened goods; rather we must actively seek out any remnants of these items in the house and dispose of them. Or at the very least, loan them out. We engage our broomsticks and search for and sweep up those leftover crumbs. Just as important, we need to identify the metaphorical hametz that provides excuses for our inaction. This too ought to be a planned precise procedure. We know deep down in our hearts that in emerging from the winter months, we should gear ourselves up for renewal. Passover is a perfectly suited opportunity to inspire us to serve as advocates for a compassionate globe.

Exhibition "Butterfly. Children of the Holocaust” was prepared by the UNDP for March of Remembrance in Grodno, Belarus

[Belarus] Solemnity and Solidarity at the March of Remembrance in Grodno

On March 18, more than 200 members of the Jewish communities as well as representatives of Christian congregations, non-governmental organizations, diplomats, schoolchildren, students, foreign visitors and residents of Grodno gathered at “March of Remembrence” in Grodno to honor the memory of Grodno ghetto demolition that happened 75 years ago. The event began with prayer led […]

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[St. Thomas] Coming Together in (and for) Reform Communities in the Caribbean

I have just returned from an amazing trip to the Caribbean with the World Union for Progressive Judaism. We visited congregations in San Juan, St. Thomas, Curacao, and Aruba, some of the oldest congregations in the Western hemisphere. We shared our stories, our music, and our prayers with each of these communities. As you know, […]

At the Asian Progressive Union Summit, Hong Kong 2018

[HONG KONG] Welcoming Jews on the Frontiers at the Asian Progressive Jewish Summit

Twenty representatives of six Asian Progressive communities met in Hong Kong in late January for the 2018 Asian Progressive Jewish Summit, and were joined by World Union leaders Carole Sterling, Chair, and Rabbi Daniel H. Freelander, President. Delegates from Shanghai, Singapore, Myanmar, Bali, Tokyo and Hong Kong were joined by Rabbi Fred Morgan, Regional Rabbi […]

Travel with the World Union & Experience Reform Judaism Around the World

Looking to travel this year? And interested in experiencing and exploring Reform and Progressive Judaism around the world? In partnership with Ayelet Tours, the World Union is leading two exciting tours in 2018 – and you’re invited to join! Igniting the Musical Jewish Soul, February 17-24 A seven day Caribbean cruise aboard the Royal Caribbean […]

Celebrating an Adult Bat Mitzvah at Congregation Shirat Hayam in Odessa October 2017

Autumn Family Shabbaton in Odessa

The “Shirat Hayam” community’s autumn family Shabbaton in Odessa brought together fifty participants of all ages in a picturesque location by the sea. The three wonderful days were filled with Jewish study, family activities, master classes, prayers, and intellectual games. The Shabbaton was also the opportunity to learn more about Diaspora Israel Day, recently celebrated in Reform communities around the world.

Federazione Italiana per l’Ebraismo Progressivo (FIEP) The Federation of Jewish Communities in Italy launches in October 2017

A New Beginning for Progressive Judaism in Italy

Sunday, October 15, 2017 was the beginning of what history will record as the day when Progressive Judaism in Italy came of age. Representatives from all four Progressive congregations in Italy (Beit Hillel in Rome, Lev Chadash and Beit Shalom in Milan,
and Shir Hadash in Florence) gathered in Florence to proclaim in one united voice: “Hineinu, Here we are”, and to elect a leadership team to direct the newly-established Federazione Italiana per l’Ebraismo Progressivo (FIEP) – the Federation of Jewish Communities in Italy.

newly created Ibero-American Institute for Reform Rabbinical Education (IIFRR) in Latin America

[ARGENTINA] IberoAmerican Institute for Reform Rabbinical Education (IIFRR) Opens for Growth in Latin America

The World Union is proud to announce the creation and launch of a newly-created IberoAmerican Institute for Reform Rabbinical Education (IIFRR) on September 7, 2017. In partnership with its regional organization, the World Union for Progressive Judaism – Latin America, Fundación Judaica and Centro de Espiritualidad Judía Mishkan, the Institute will training educators, community leaders and rabbis in Spanish and Portuguese to growth and strengthen Progressive Judaism across the region.