World Union for Progressive Judaism International Assembly

World Union for Progressive Judaism International Assembly
11-December, 2019 – Chicago, USA

Dear International Assembly and Executive Board member:

In accordance with protocol, Carole Sterling as chair empaneled a resolutions committee to spearhead the process of requesting, formulating and editing possible resolutions to be introduced before the IA at the meeting on 11-December, 2019, at 11.00-noon, in Chicago.

The committee includes the following members:
– Dr Philip Bliss OAM, Australia, Chairman
– Steve Lurie, South Africa
– Rabbi Professor Walter Homolka PhD, Germany
– Rabbi Danny Burkeman, North America
– Marie Sheinen, Russia
– Sharene Hambur, Australia

– Yaron Shavit, Israel
– Miriam Olchansky, South America
– Charles Rothschild, North America
– Rabbi Lea Muehlstein, UK

And also includes the following members:
– Carole Sterling, WUPJ Chair, North America
– Ambassador Rabbi DAvid Saperstein, WUPJ President, North America
– Ziva Haller Rubenstein, WUPJ Israel
– Eyal Ronder, WUPJ Israel

The committee reached out to all WUPJ regions requesting resolutions, and then held various meetings to arrive at a final set of suggestions.

These suggestions have also been reviewed by the WUPJ Management Committee.

Please find below the set of suggested resolutions:

Resolutions – December 2019

Regional updates are included here:

The above will also be presented for discussion and approval at the meeting, as detailed in the meeting agenda.

We look forward to seeing you in Chicago!


Charlie Rothschild
Secretary, WUPJ Executive Board