The Jewish Effective Giving Initiative

The Initiative is an exciting new project of the World Union whose ambitious aim is to save thousands of lives in the developing world by connecting congregations with the world’s most effective life-saving charities.

At the heart of the initiative lies a simple, incredible fact:

The world’s most effective life-saving charities can, based on the most reliable sources, save the life of a child for as little as $3,500-5,500 and prevent a great deal of illness and suffering for the same sum.

The initiative strives to inspire rabbis, congregations, and families to save lives and prevent suffering together by supporting these impactful, thoroughly vetted charities, which tackle problems like malaria, vitamin A deficiency, and access to vaccines.

Although the project is just starting out, it already has dozens of leading congregations involved, including over 30 ‘Life-Saving Congregations’ that have pledged to save at least one life each in 2022 through effective giving.


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