Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine




Sandra Breslauer Beit Simcha Center | Minsk

Jews for Cheeses
→ Saturday, June 4 | 9 pm • Sunday, June 5 | 12 pm (Local Time)
Beit Simcha’s Shavuot celebration will include a study of Aseret HaDibrot (Ten Commandments) with those who will celebrate their Bat Mitzvah in June and July, and a cheese workshop.

Contact them to learn more.



Moscow Center for Progressive Judaism | Moscow

Shavuot Celebration
→ Saturday, June 4 | 9:00 pm • Saturday, June 11, 12:30 pm (Local Time)
On June 4, they will gather for an online Shavuot event with study and music led by Rabbi Alexander Lyskovoy, Rabbi Leonid Bimbat, and Cantor Dmitry Karpenko. Click here to join them.

A community event dedicated to the festival of Shavuot and to mark the end of the school year will take place on June 11, and the following day the community will gather for an outdoor event, details of which can be obtained via email. Contact them to learn more.

Shaarei Shalom | St. Petersburg

Tikun Leil Shavuot
→ Saturday, June 4 | 7 pm (Local Time)
Join them for prayer, activities and study.

Following their tradition, guests should bring a milk dish or pie to the common table and a donation for the drinks.

Contact them to learn more and register


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