What are we that You take notice of us? (Psalm 8: 4)

Rabbi Dr René Pfertzel | Kingston Liberal Synagogue, Surrey, UK
Chair of the EUPJ Rabbinic Assembly


“What is it about the High Holy Days that makes this stretch of the Jewish year a moment for which we are all waiting with a mixture of trepidation and anxiety? After all, the Jewish calendar is replete with festivals, celebrations, remembrances, and occasions to eat. Why is this time so special?”
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Rabbi Damián Karo | Templo Libertad, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Dean of the
Ibero-American Institute for Reform Rabbinical Education


“Rosh HaShanah marks the beginning of a new cycle. Celebration time’s call for reflection and from there to rethink our daily practices. In the Jewish thought, time is circular, and not just in annual cycles. Historical time is a process of overcoming and reparation that is framed between Paradise and Messianic Time, two mythical ideas of the perfection, of absolute good.”
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