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Kedem, (Kehillat David HaMelech), was founded in 1995 in Melbourne, Australia, as a lay-led community. They are a community of about 90 families run by non-rabbinic staff and volunteer members. Kedem meet for Shabbat and Festival services, B’nei Mitzvah, study and discussion groups, Tikkun Olam projects, pot luck dinners and other social events. Their “Service for the Soul” is a monthly Shabbat morning service that incorporates meditation, chanting, singing, poetry and percussion instruments. The focus is on the breath and gratitude, and includes a drash with some aspects of Kabbalah.
During the Covid-19 pandemic, Kedem lovingly supported their members and became a virtual community. Kedem is proudly affiliated with Progressive Judaism Victoria and the Union for Progressive Judaism.




Saturday, Apr 24, 2021
| 12 Iyar
10 am (GMT +10)
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Melbourne, Australia

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