Selichot B’Yachad


Given the unprecedented times in our world, for most communities the High Holy Days will be totally or partially a virtual gathering and experience. Congregations around the world are preparing for different offerings, prayers, experiences, and collaborations in necessarily creative ways.


Selichot B’Yachad is a full-length video program that brings together Rabbis, Cantors, musicians and individuals from 30 different countries to affirm, through their diversity and uniqueness, the spirituality of this year’s High Holy Days. Video highlights include:


The Shofar Awakens You
A compilation of short messages on the meaning of hearing the Shofar

Hatishma Koli
A song for a moment of meditation, silent prayer, before or after a sermon, or before or after the prayer “Sh’ma Koleinu”

On Forgiveness
Inspirational messages from keynote speakers

Avinu Malkeinu
Liturgical prayer sung by an ensemble of Cantors and Chazanim/ot from a dozen of different countries


Created in partnership by the World Union and the World Zionist Organization Department of Diaspora Affairs, Selichot B’Yachad is designed for individual and communal experiences:
watch our full-length video and download our companion guides (available in several languages) with leading questions and insights aimed to inspire your own exploration of spirituality as we near Rosh Hashana.
join one of our scheduled watch parties! Join a communal watching experience being hosted by our regional partners and congregations across our global Movement. Scheduled times and regions are listed here, and follow this registration link to sign up. Watch parties will also be attended by special guests to answer questions and offer additional insights in the live discussions.


We encourage congregational leaders, Rabbis, and educators to schedule their own Selichot B’Yachad watch parties and engage their communities in the Selichot experience. Access our companion guides and the full-length video, and be in touch with our coordinators to enhance your viewing experience.


Video participants share their reflections in their native languages but the video includes English subtitles.


Whoever you are, whatever language you speak, and wherever you are, Selichot B’Yachad prepares you spiritually for the High Holy Days ahead.
This project was conceived and created collaboratively by the WUPJ and the WZO Department of Diaspora Affairs. We thank the many organizational leaders, volunteers, Rabbis, Cantors, community leaders, and individuals who contributed their inspiring words to this experience.









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