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Our Reports

Click on the reports below to learn more about the activities and progress of the World Union and its affiliated organizations and communities around the world.

International Assembly Annual Report 2014 [1032k]
International Assembly Annual Report 2013 [956k]
International Assembly Annual Report 2012 [481k]
International Assembly Annual Report 2011 [562k]
International Assembly Annual Report 2010 [407k]
International Assembly Annual Report 2009 [371k]
Annual Report 2007-2008 [4193k]
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International Assembly Report 2004 [414k]
International Assembly Report 2005 [239k]
Annual Report 2005-2006 [529k]
Annual Report 2003 [1252k]
Annual Report 2004 [1376k]
Annual Report 2015 [885k]

Exciting Clips from WUPJ Celebratory Luncheon at the URJ Biennial

Installation of Rabbi Stephen Lewis Fuchs by Rabbi Richard G. Hirsch (photo by Arthur Roswell).Relive with us some of our exciting moments at the WUPJ Celebratory Luncheon at the URJ Biennial in Washington DC.
Click here to watch the moving installation of newly elected WUPJ President, Rabbi Stephen Lewis Fuchs.
Listen to the inspiring words of Michael Grabiner, Shai Pinto, and Rabbi Fuchs.
Click here to listen to Rabbi Gary Bretton-Granatoor’s plea for your support of our Beit Shmuel 25th Anniversary Campaign, support of our camping program in the FSU, and support of the daily work of the WUPJ.

Click here to see Honorary Life President Rabbi Richard G. Hirsch present the WUPJ Micah Award to Rabbi Eric Yoffie as he steps down from the Presidency of the Union for Reform Judaism.
And click here to listen to some of the exciting music by Kol Beseder.

World Union Posters Now Available

Bring a little bit of the World Union into your own synagogue with these colorful and informative posters. If you are planning any program or activity with international content, these posters will bring alive the connection between your community and the many Reform, Progressive and Liberal communities around the world.

Click here to download the posters as PDFs. Contact us at [email protected] if you are interested in full-size posters.

Hold Your Own World Union Shabbat Evening Service

Now your congregation can share a few moments with their Reform Jewish brothers and sisters worldwide on Shabbat by using the just-published World Union Shabbat Evening Service booklet. Featuring liturgical passages from services in the U.K., Russia, Spain, Italy, Poland, Holland and France, the service is a great opportunity to learn about communities abroad and generate interest in becoming involved with the World Union global family.

Click here to download the 20-page booklet.