Privacy Policy

The World Union for Progressive Judaism recognizes the public’s concern about privacy issues and personally identifiable data. We appreciate and acknowledge the importance of respecting individual’s privacy with regards to personal information submitted by visitors and users of our web site. Accordingly, we have created this privacy statement, which we believe to be of great importance and concern to the public and to you as a user and visitor to our web site. The following is our privacy policy and practices in relation to

We do not seek or collect any personally identifiable data from users and visitors of our web site, rather we receive and store information which was voluntarilly, intentionally and willfully submitted to us by those users and visitors.

Such information may be submitted for the purpose of downloading software, entering a contest or sending us comments and feedback. The information may include contact information (i.e. email address) and demographic information (i.e. age, zip code). The information submitted is then received and stored by us and is only used for the purposes for which it is submitted. Moreover, we provide our users with the option of changing or modifying information previously provided by them.

Any individual who has submitted information to our web site has the option of changing, modifying or removing information previously provided by him/her by sending us an email specifying the requested modification or removal of certain information submitted.

For any further information or questions please contact