Seminars Overseas

These short-term seminars run by the Anita Saltz International Education Center take place over three days in a number of geographical locations. Most seminars take place in small communities around Europe; however, seminars are also held in Australia, South America and North America.

These seminars are designed to strengthen smaller communities or offer supplemental teaching about Israel to larger communities through prayer, text study, community history and practical synagogue skills. Particular attention is given to leading services, reading from Torah and leadership.

A significant number of Jewish communities are emerging in places where Jewish life was thought to be extinct, but has now experienced a remarkable renaissance in spite of overwhelming obstacles. Many communities do not have rabbis and therefore are in need of Jewish educational infusion throughout the year. The seminars meet the educational needs of these communities and allow us to understand other needs as well, such as finding educators and or cantors or dealing with issues like cemeteries and recognition of the local Reform movement by the government.

On going education will be offered by the World Union for Progressive Judaism through conference calls, webinars, email lessons, and podcasts. Efforts will be made to have community members attend World Union conferences and Anita Saltz seminars in Israel.