[INDONESIA] High Holidays 2018—Bali Style

This is an unusual travelogue for me.

The afternoon before Rosh Hashanah, I was eating lunch at a Balinese vegan food restaurant with a Frenchman.  He was telling me that he had put up a mezuzah on the door of his Balinese hotel room, when three lovely young Indonesian women, sisters from Jakarta, turn from their table and say, “I just couldn’t help but overhearing.  Shanah Tova!”

This year I volunteered to serve a small and unusual kehillah (community) in Bali, Indonesia.

Asia Progressive Judaism Summit: Jews in Asia 2019

The Asia Progressive Judaism summit will be held in Singapore from 24-27 January 2019:   Thursday 24th January 2019 7.30-8.30am – UHC Morning Minyan 9am-12pm – Jewish Heritage Tour of Singapore 9am-12pm – Asian Beit Din (Rabbis only) 2-4pm – International Holocaust Day Concert (led by the Italian Embassy) 7-8.30pm – APJ Opening Reception   Friday 25th January 2019 9am-4pm – APJ Conference […]

[ASIA] Sukkot in Asia 5779

This year Sukkot was celebrated by WUPJ Communities across the Asian continent this year with much joy and in a uniquely Asian style. At the United Jewish Congregation in Hong Kong, their Sukkah frame survived the lashings of Typhoon Mangkhut which swept through the city before Yom Kippur. Luckily there was no s’kach covering on […]