World Union for Progressive Judaism President Search – 2018


World Union for Progressive Judaism President Search – 2018

Key Job Requirements

In the 21st Century we live in a global society.  Our World Union for Progressive Judaism has more demands than ever before.  Our President must be a dynamic, forward thinking, innovative individual who can communicate our message to our global movement as well as to world Jewish leadership, and government leaders in Israel and around the world.  The President serves as the professional leader of the World Union.  In collaboration with the senior management team and lay leadership, the President will provide strategic vision, leadership and oversight for the World Union.  The success of the President will rest on his/her ability to excite others and build a global leadership team.

The World Union President represents Reform, Liberal and Progressive Jews around the world.  In this capacity the President must find new and innovative ways to communicate to the world, to the Jewish community and to the Movement itself about the religious, moral and ethical issues of significance to Progressive Judaism.

The President must have a passion and understand clearly that she/he has the responsibility for raising the funds needed to enable the World Union to fulfill its mission. While she/he will be assisted with professional fundraising support, the President is expected to take the lead role, building relationships that will lead to significant sources of revenue. With the demands of our growing congregations worldwide, we will need a revenue stream that increases significantly over the next few years.


Essential Skills

The Search Committee is seeking a leader with a strategic orientation who has successfully translated vision into reality.  In evaluating candidates the Search Committee will focus particular attention on the ability of the candidate in the following areas:

  • Leadership: instills and inspires Vision, establishes and oversees Objectives, Strategies, and priorities that meet the current and future needs of the World Union;
  • Fundraiser – proven track record of successful fundraising. Proven ability to work with both high-worth individuals and foundations. Proven ability to close. Preference for someone who has a strong network of significant leaders and potential donors, particularly from North America, but also with the ability to develop fundraising around the world..
  • Communicator: The World Union needs to raise its visibility. This requires a dynamic leader who is able to write, speak, and use all kinds of media to build awareness of our global movement. He/she must be comfortable advocating to a wide range of audiences, including Government and public officials from around the world.
  • Collaborator:. The President must build partnerships with the many Professional Leaders, Lay Leaders and volunteers from our constituent movements all over the world that represent Reform, Liberal and Progressive Jews. The President must be able to work collaboratively, balancing needs and competing priorities, to develop strategies and best outcomes for our overall movement. In the end the President must communicate a message that represents all the regions of our movement that is respected by all.


Personal Profile

To be successful in the above role, the search committee believes the successful candidate should be:

  • Respected and charismatic leader
  • Fluent in English and respectable in Hebrew and other languages.
  • Self-starter and motivated for success. Data driven, but forward thinking.
  • Able to spend majority of time in North America and Israel.
  • Aware that international and multi-cultural experiences can be very different than those of his or her own country.
  • Able to communicate globally in an effective way.


Interested applicants should contact Stephane Beder by 23 September  2018.