Multi-Faith Israel Encounter

Join us for this unique experience where Christians, Jews and Muslims will explore Israel together while learning about the common roots of their respective faiths. Our goal is to promote understanding and tolerance amongst Muslims, Christians, and Jews. The program will enable participants to gain respect for and knowledge of both their own and others’ […]

The Beutel Seminar for Progressive Jewish Leadership

The Beutel Seminar is a prestigious ten-day seminar in Jerusalem run by the Anita Saltz International Education Center. The seminar is housed in Mercaz Shimshon-Beit Shmuel, the headquarters of the World Union for Progressive Judaism. It overlooks the dramatic walls of Jerusalem’s Old City. The seminar offers: the opportunity to study ancient texts and history; […]

Next Year in Jerusalem? How about next month! Justice, Justice You Shall Pursue: Seminar for Legal Professionals

The World Union for Progressive Judaism (WUPJ), in cooperation with the Israel Religious Action Center (IRAC), is proud to invite legal professionals to experience and understand Israel from its most provocative, challenging and complex perspective: the law. Spend five days meeting with leading politicians, judges, legislators, professors, attorneys and activists, each presenting a different facet […]

The Union for Progressive Judaism (UPJ) Biennial Conference

The UPJ is excited to announce that early-bird registration is now open for our upcoming third music conference, Shir Chadash, to take place at the Geelong Conference Centre on 14-16 July 2017. We are especially thrilled that USA song leader extraordinaire Marshall Voit will be our special guest presenter for the conference. Many will remember […]

Igniting the Musical Jewish Soul

The story of Jewish ties to the Caribbean is a fascinating one, dating back to Christopher Columbus and his first trans-Atlantic voyage. Home to some of the oldest Jewish communities in the Americas, the Caribbean also lays claim to synagogues with sandy floors, cemeteries that date back hundreds of years and Jewish families who still […]

The Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) Biennial Conference

The URJ Biennial 2017 will be held in Boston, MA. Join with thousands of Jews from across North America and around the world to learn, pray, share ideas, dance and sing, hear from inspiring speakers and the leaders of our Movement; reunite with old friends, create new connections, and make decisions about the policies of the […]

The Bergman Seminar for Progressive Jewish Educators

The Bergman Seminar for Progressive Jewish Educators is an intensive 10-day program for Progressive Jewish Educators from around the world, combining classroom and text study with site visits in Jerusalem and around Israel that will bring the texts and ideas to life. The seminar’s multidisciplinary curriculum incorporates several conceptual approaches to culture, spirituality, language, history […]


CONNECTIONS 2017 is an international conference hosted by the World Union for Progressive Judaism (WUPJ). CONNECTIONS offers opportunities to learn, explore and engage in the diversity of our Progressive Jewish world. This year’s focus, Milestones & Innovation, honors 200 years of Progressive Jewish history while exploring innovation in Jewish life and its impact on the […]

Pursuing Justice: Seminar for Legal Professionals

This program of the World Union for Progressive Judaism in cooperation with the Israel Religious Action Center, is a unique, unprecedented opportunity to visit Israel and grapple with legal issues facing Israeli society. This extraordinary seminar brings participants into contact with inspiring Israeli attorneys, judges, leaders and activists. For more information click here.