The liberal streams of Judaism represent the largest and fastest-growing populations of Jews throughout the world. Their core values of pluralism, modernity, equality and social justice appeal to many who seek to incorporate precious Jewish tradition with contemporary lifestyles.

WUPJ Position Paper on Circumcision

As Rabbi Fuchs points out in this paper, the legislative fight against circumcision has increased dramatically over recent times. In response to a request to the WUPJ at the European Union meeting last March, Rabbi Fuchs agreed to prepare an educational response for the use of communities under threat where male circumcision could be made illegal. This is a “resource” that the WUPJ wishes to build upon for other issues of concern. Rabbi Fuchs consulted many other rabbis in his quest to try and represent a broad Progressive viewpoint. However, we recognize that there will be those who do not see male circumcision as represented in this paper.

It is for this reason that we publish this on our resource page on the WUPJ web-site but also offer this on our Facebook page for others to comment. We would like to read your responses.

Philip Bliss, Chair WUPJ Advocacy Committee

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