View the photos and read the stories from our four-day biennial conference that ended on May 20, 2017 following a meaningful and inspiring program of speakers, special events, Shabbat services, site visits and more.

  • We live streamed keynote speakers, musical performances and special events – including our inspirational and moving Kabbalat Shabbat service at the Tahana Rishona, First Train Station – on our Facebook page. Click here to view the videos and share them with your friends, family and communities.
  • We uploaded photos with highlights of each day of CONNECTIONS 2017 onto Flickr so you can view and download pictures of yourselves, regional leadership and community members here in Jerusalem. Click here to start.
  • Newspapers in Israel and around the world covered CONNECTIONS from the political to the spiritual. Click here to see all the articles.

Centered around the theme “Milestones & Innovations,” in celebration of the WUPJ’s 90th anniversary, the four-day biennial event drew over 450 lay leaders, rabbis, students and congregants from Progressive, Reform, and Liberal communities from 30 countries, including more than 100 young adults. For many, coming together and magnifying our voices through prayer, learning and song encapsulated the heart and soul of our movement.

We encourage you to share your stories and experiences at CONNECTIONS with us. Send an email with your reflections to: