By David Pollak

It’s six months and counting till the EUPJ Biennial Conference. When we started planning and preparing for it back in April, there were 12 months to go. Now there are six months left and before you know it, we’ll be packing our bags. Have you ever wondered why time passes so quickly? It’s because we lead such busy lives doing things that are fulfilling and spending time with our families and friends in addition to our hectic work schedules.

We opened registration for the Biennial at the beginning of September and the early bird rate will end on December 31. Over 50 people from 14 countries have signed up already, more than double the number that signed up during the same period before our London conference. Our hopes and ambitions are more than fulfilled by this unprecedented demand, and it is not beyond the bounds of possibility that we will be sold out well before registration officially closes. In other words, there is only one way to avoid disappointment – REGISTER NOW.

Registration is simple and takes no time at all, so don’t wait around? Since my last article, we have confirmed several charismatic, stimulating and inspirational key note speakers and we are looking forward to their valuable contributions. We have also agreed on the workshop themes and much of the content. Service structures are taking shape and we have a fabulous programme in store for the opening ceremony. More detail can be found on the registration website.

While you’re feasting your eyes on the exciting content of “Regeneration – Building the Future”, you might as well complete the registration form.

Speaking at Regeneration EUPJ Biennial

From left: Leslie Bergman. Gordon Smith, Sonja Guentner, Rabbi Daniel H. Freelander, Rabbi Joel Oseran

Many people have expressed interest in the post-conference tours we have prepared. Descriptions of these tours are now available on the
website. If this high level of interest is maintained, we could be over-subscribed, so please make a firm commitment and let the organisers know your preferences. All those who have shown interest will receive an email asking for confirmation of their booking. These extraordinary tours are not to be missed. They’ll be led by the erudite Rabbi Dr. Andrew Goldstein and will be offered at very low prices.

Our rabbis will be invited to a Rabbinic Kallah very soon and their presence, together with what we hope will be the largest number of
young people to attend one of our conferences for many years, will ensure some lively debate, motivating addresses and an energy that cannot fail to affect everyone present.

The conference committee, made up of members with many years of experience in planning and attending conferences around the world, is excited by Regeneration and what it will offer. Now it’s up to you to share this experience and make your contribution to a conference which is sure to be informative, instructive, inspiring and memorable for all the right reasons.

But remember, while there might be six months to go, they’ll disappear very quickly. So don’t delay! REGISTER NOW and ensure that when, in years to come, your children and grandchildren talk about Regeneration 2018, you can say, “ I was there,” and your memories will be like the city… beautiful, lasting and unforgettable!