FAQs for Connections 2021

1. What information about Connections is available before I register?
If you haven’t registered for Connections, there is an overview here. After you are registered, you’ll have access to the entire detailed Agenda.
2. How do I register for Connections?
To register, click here.
3. How do I register for Rabbi Sergio Bergman’s Installation?
If you have registered for Connections, you are automatically registered for Rabbi Bergman’s Installation!.
4. What do I need to know if I want to Donate and then want to Register?
If have already made a donation for Connections, you will still need to register separately. Follow the link in #2 above to register. You’ll then be asked to pay for your tickets. Please either select “Set my own ticket price” which will allow you to purchase a $36 ticket OR contact Naomi Smook, who will send you a “Sponsor” promo code which will allow you to register for without additional charge.
5. What time zones are displayed in the Agenda?
All times are automatically displayed locally so you don’t have to know anything else about other time zones. For example, if you are in NY, a session at 1:00 pm will be Eastern Time. If you are in Jerusalem, that same session will show as 8 p.m. Israel Time.
6. How do I register for individual sessions?
After you register for Connections, you may join any session, including Rabbi Bergman’s Installation! All references to registering on the web page or on the app refer to registering for Connections.
7. How can I create a personalized list for my own sessions?
For each session, click Bookmark to create a list of sessions you are interested in. Then you can “filter” only Bookmarked sessions (by clicking on any Agenda page and click “Apply Filters”).
8. How do I continue reading the Agenda after I read and/or bookmark a session?
After you’ve clicked on a session to see details, you continue to study the agenda by going back one page (usually an arrow or “back”). This always takes you back to “Tuesday”, so if you want to continue by clicking Wed/Thurs/Fri/Sat at the top (whether you bookmark anything or not).
9. How do I get session information into my calendar?
Each session page offers a “Save” to place the session information into your calendar. We’ve found that doesn’t always work, depending on the device you are using. If you try it and the session information doesn’t get to your calendar, you may enter each session of interest manually.
10. How do I find the links to access each session?
You access all sessions by links in the Agenda. Some links are posted in advance but many links are not until the time of the event (as indicated to come back there at that time). So be prepared to have access to the Agenda page at the time of each session you want to attend.
11. If I can’t find my email confirming my registration, what do I do?
First, check your junk folder, which is where a lot of people have found their registration confirmations! If it is not there, please contact Naomi Smook and we’ll get you all set up.
12. Why are my entries to pay for registration are not being accepted?
The registration payments page asks for a number of informational items (like how you learned about Connections, your organization, etc). If you don’t fill every entry, there will be a small red asterisk (*) indicating your registration is incomplete. Just fill in that info and your registration will continue.